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  CanSat‘08 Competition of UPM  
After the results of the First International CanSat Workshop celebrated in Tokyo last February, LEEM organized with the support of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) the first International CanSat competition.
The competition took place from 10th to 12th of April, 2008 in the city of Madrid. Applications were open to student teams of any high school or university of any country.

LEEM is organizing the second edition of the Competition, that will be held in Spring, 2009. The registration period will be opened in September 2008 and will be announced in this section

With the aim of giving interested teams a start point for designing their CanSat, the main technical requirements are here sumarized:

- Mass: Less than or equal to 350 grams
- Diameter: That of a standard soft drink can. The device must be able to be released from a 70mm diameter tube by its own weight.
- Lenght: The total lenght of the device and its auxiliary equipment (antenna, recovery system...) must be less than two times the lenght of a standard soft drink can.

The competition categories are the ones explained on CanSat section of this website.

Pictures of the first edition are available at the Competition Album

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